Why Us?

Consulting Club at IIM Indore is in existence since January 2004 and over the past 10 years we have gained abundant experience in carrying out problem solving as well as fundamental consulting work. Our activities, as can be seen, cover almost the entire range of services and the same has helped us become highly comprehensive and robust in our approach.

Moreover, we do not believe in simply delivering one time reports or analysis. We follow what we popularly call as the “Rolling Concept”. Once a report is done, we continue our research on the topic and any important updates are compiled and sent to the client. This ensures that none of our compilations remain obsolete and out-dated. Similarly, for the live projects, we do not just give recommendations. We believe that a Consulting Exercise gets over only once the benefits suggested are actually realized. Hence, we help in implementation, take feedback from the results and re-align our recommendations, if need be.

This approach has given our participants enough experience about the various industries and sectors. Moreover the highly diverse batch and the equally enriching summer internships have enabled the participants to understand the deep roots of the problems.

We possess a unique set of skills and resources that all of our clients value which has helped us maintain a continued relationship.

  • Access to syndicated databases for best-in-class secondary research
  • Access to professors teaching management principles for over a decade and themselves associated with top firms.
  • 1000+ student base which is by far the most available in any of the IIMs
  • Low cost and high quality delivery
  • Processes in place to maintain client data confidentiality which is our top priority