The amount of data that is generated each year in this world is more than the total data that has been generated since the inception of the world till last year. This is absolutely incredible!

This was always happening. Why does this matter now? Because now, technological advancement has enabled us to capture and store this huge amount of data at a low cost making it possible for us to use this invaluable resource. But again why do we call this resource invaluable. This is because data for each organization is unique and personal to itself just like its DNA and it has the power to provide objectivity in making business decisions.

With this context, consulting club of IIM Indore has identified the increasing demand for managers with analytics expertise in industry. With the aim of empowering students with the know-how of analytics and generating interest and expertise in analytics, we have started the analytics division which would run workshops/ sessions on the use of analytics for business, bring in projects in the field of analytics and provide an opportunity to participants to apply their leanings through analytics based competitions.

Since we are new in this field, we would welcome guidance and support from analytics professionals and organizations and can engage in mutually beneficial manner.