Consult Clinic

Consult Clinic is a unique initiative by Consulting Club in association with Indore Management Association (IMA). We invite SMEs to come and discuss their problems with the students under the guidance of eminent professors from IIM Indore. We work alongside the selected students to come up with real-time strategies and solutions to address these problems in the best way possible within a limited time frame of 1-2 months depending on the client requirements. The clients have the benefit of getting ideas from a fresh perspective while the participants get hands on experience to apply their skills in real time. Mentors play the crucial role of guiding and shaping the students’ ideas into effective measures.

Our role with the participant doesn’t just end with giving a solution. We support the client completely with the implementation of the recommendations. Our focus is on building a long term relationship with the client so that he may approach us again for any further assistance.