Clients and Industries

Company/ Industry Project Description Domain
Hospital chain Financial analysis  to optimally allocate budgets among different departments Strategy and Finance
Hospital chain Managerial accounting and reporting system for the Hospital Finance
Fashion magazine Identify the steps which should be taken by the client to break-even in their new B2B Fashion Magazine Business by revenues from advertisement & magazine subscriptions Strategy and Marketing
Outsourcing company Identify the type of possible targets in the US and the UK who could become potential customers for the client Marketing
Design a marketing strategy to reach these targets or have them reach out to the client
How to engage these potential customers and convert them into clients
Hospital chain Develop a strategic road map for an upcoming site of the Hospital Strategy
Fashion Accesories company  Developing a marketing strategy for the client with focus on identifying & understanding their key products, customer segments and platforms for reaching those segments Strategy and Marketing
Use Google Online Marketing Challenge to boost traffic to the company’s website through AdWords and Google+ campaign
Construction company Currently the client is getting most of its orders through Consultants. The firm wants to identify ways to market itself directly to the customer by bypassing the consultants or to better market itself to the consultants Strategy and Marketing
Real estate portal To create a strategy to scale the current platform and suggest action steps with an objective of increasing its penetration in the real estate industry in India Strategy
Natural science treatment  Suggest initiatives to increase the conversion rate of people visiting the company’s website Strategy and Marketing
Baby care startup  Developing a Marketing Strategy for the client’s baby care products Strategy and Marketing
Creating Brand Salience using different marketing communication (excluding Mass communications)
Develop methods to reduce the perceived risk of Consumers in baby care sector
IIM Indore Design a digital strategy for IIM Indore Strategy and Marketing
How IIM Indore can use internet in enhancing its brand equity and reach out better to its target audience
Textile manufacturing company  Create a holistic employee satisfaction (ESAT) program for the ~800 staff for the client. HR
Pavkaging Company Diversification plan for the SME and market entry strategy for processed food Strategy
 Entertainment A marketing strategy to promote events conducted by the firm was to be designed Strategy
 Manufacturing/Paints The scope of the project was to provide recommendations for retaining existing customers who were shifting to low price competitors as well as bringing in new customers Strategy
Manufacturing Provide a strategy for product expansion into the shaft and the outer tube for the shock absorbers Strategy
 Food & Beverages To decide financing options for 3 new mineral water plants which the company planned to set up Finance
 Opto Electronics To come up with a sustainable inventory management model Operations
Chemicals and Paints Suggest a market expansion and market penetration strategy for the company Marketing
WindSol Technology Formulate a rural marketing plan/campaign for solar powered pumps and street lights Marketing
Packaging Suggest a market strategy which would help the SME in becoming customers’ most preferred vendor. And also suggest a diversification plan for the company Strategy